NPDC questions take the guesswork out of voting​ for your Mayor and Councillors

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NPDC questions take the guesswork out of votingfor your Mayor and Councillors

How are you going to pick the people who set your rates and make the big calls on NPDC’s $185 million budget?​

We’ve made easier by asking the candidates where they stand on some hot topics facing the district. ​

“Less than half of registered locals voted in 2019 and one of the main reasons is that they don’t know who the candidates are or where they stand on key issues affecting us all. So, this year we asked them and you can see their answers on our ‘Know Your Candidates’ webpage ,” says NPDC Marketing, Communications & Design Lead Ben Kohlis.​

“NPDC manages $3.5 billion in assets and 16 different business units, so it is really important locals know who they are choosing to oversee it for the next 3 years. This page will help people know more about a candidate beyond the name on the voting paper.”​

He says the questions asked were based on topics that have been in the media, on NPDC social media channels and questions NPDC staff, including our contact centre and front counter teams get asked.   ​
We offered all the candidates the chance to have their say on the big issues and have posted their unedited responses in their own words.​

Some of the candidates have no responses because we were unable to contact them, or they declined to respond. Some have chosen not to answer all the questions. ​

Go to (for full candidate list, profiles and how to vote in this year’s election). 

Quick questions – what we asked the candidates:

  1. Do you support the planned average household rates rise of 6% over the next 8 years?​
  2. Do you support the central government’s Three Waters reforms?​
  3. Does NPDC need to do more to address climate change?​
  4. Does NPDC need to do more to support business?​
  5. Do you support a Māori ward?​
  6. What could NPDC do differently to support Waitara, Ōākura, Urenui, Ōkato and Inglewood?​
  7. NPDC is planning to invest $40million in the proposed Tūparikino Active Community Hub.  Is that enough or should it be capped?​
  8. If elected, what do you see as the top priority and why? ​


The positions voters will make a choice on:

  • NP District Mayor​
  • Six Councillors in Kaitake/Ngāmotu ward (for voters in on the role in New Plymouth city to Ōkato)​
  • One Councillor in North Ward (Waitara up to Waitomo District Council border)​​
  • One Councillor in the Te Purutanga Mauri Pūmanawa (Māori ward)​​
  • Five district wide councillors. (These councillors would represent the whole district)​
  • Four positions on each of the Inglewood, Kaitake, Waitara and Puketapu-Bell Block community boards.​

By the numbers:

  • 77 nominations received for the 2022 election​
  • 4 candidates are running for both mayor and a councillor role​
  • 2 people running for our first Māori ward Councillor​
  • 58 - the number of candidates in the 2019 local body election​
  • 45.3% voter turnout in 2019​


  • 16 – 21 September: Voting documents delivered​​
  • 8 October at 12 noon: Voting closes midday​​
  • 8 October from 12 noon: Preliminary results​​
  • 13 – 19 October: Declaration of results.​