Hui o mua-tono

Pre-application meeting

The Relationship Manager arranges a pre-application meeting for the developer and their consultant/s to meet with NPDC to request land information and explore ideas around their land development proposal.

The NPDC project team, iwi/hapu and a Taranaki Regional Council Rep all attend the meeting.

The agenda will include:
  • discussions on the outcomes that the developer and consultants want to achieve
  • the levels of expertise the Developer will need to engage in each area
  • a process for meaningful engagement with iwi/hapū
  • initiate the road-naming process
  • NPDC will seek a decision between linear and parallel processing of the resource consent and the engineering/management plans

The Relationship Manager will send out formal minutes of the meeting and identify any secondary resources for the project.

After the developer and consultants have agreed on their concept development plan, the Relationship Manager may arrange a final pre-application meeting with the project team. This will depend on the scale of the development. They will discuss and agree on the way forward.