Ngā ahi


Urban fires 

Burning household rubbish or green waste is banned on sections less than 5,000m² in urban areas serviced by weekly rubbish collections.

Outdoor fires are still permitted for cooking or heating, such as barbecues, hangi, chiminea or braziers. Beach bonfires are not allowed.

A mans hand laying colorful vegetable kebabs on a gas grill in summer.

Any burning on sections over 5,000m² in urban areas must not harm the environment or create a nuisance to neighbours.

The Taranaki Regional Council (TRC) transferred its powers under the Resource Management Act to the Council to regulate and enforce Rule 34 of the RAQP. Rule 34 of the RAQP relates to the combustion of waste material within defined urban areas.

See the full Regional Air Quality Plan at the Taranaki Regional Council website. Or view the Regional Air Quality Urban Areas map.

The Council also protects the public from nuisance caused by smoke from fires and to maintain public health and safety (other than in relation to fire safety, which is governed by the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Act 2017) under the Fire and Smoke Bylaw.