We want to keep New Plymouth beautiful and litter free.

We are able to issue fines of up to $400 to people who leave rubbish or potentially hazardous waste in public places or on private land without the occupier’s permission.

If you find rubbish or hazardous waste or see someone dumping rubbish, please contact us and we will investigate it.


What is considered hazardous waste?

  • Any bottle whether broken or not.
  • Glass.
  • Article containing glass, sharp or jagged material.
  • Any substance of a toxic or poisonous nature.
  • Any substance that is likely to be or contain explosive, flammable, oxidising or corrosive material.
Litter in tree.

Litter infringement fines

Litter fines should be paid within 28 days from the date the ticket was issued. See the paying us section for the various methods to pay.

A reminder notice will be sent if payment is not made within 28 days. If payment is not made within 28 days after the reminder notice is sent, the infringement is sent to the court and court costs will be added to your fine. You will then be required to pay your fine through the court.

If you believe your infringement notice is unjustified you can complete the litter infringement explanation form and send it in to us.

Litter infringement form

Litter fines

Any breach of the Litter Act 1979 may incur a fine. See the types of offences and the amount that you can be charged for each one below.