Rautaki kaunihera me te rangapū a hapori

Strategic Council Community Partnerships

The purpose of a Strategic Council Community Partnership is to recognise those social and not-for-profit services that are closely aligned to the strategic objectives of the Council, and with whom the Council is comfortable to engage in a longer-term funding partnership relationship.

A strategic partnership is identified and selected where there is a track record of cooperation and strong alignment between the organisation and Council community outcomes and strategic priorities.


How to apply

Before applying for a strategic partnership, please contact the Community and Economic Development Team by phone on 06 759 6060 or email.  

Applications open from 3 June to 30 June 2024.

Fund details
Who can apply:
Community groups
Funding length:
Up to three years
Application process:
Invite to submit
KPI's required:
Funding contract:
Payment type:
To group on invoice
Completion Report Against Outcomes:
Completion report against KPI's