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Paying us

You can pay us in several different ways including online through our portal, using internet banking, by direct debit or in person.

Online payments

We currently accept online payments for:

  • dog registrations
  • applications
  • debtors
  • infringements
  • parking tickets.*

*Parking tickets cannot be paid online the same day they are issued.

You will need your New Plymouth District account number (excluding infringement payments) and a VISA or MasterCard to pay online.


Make an online payment

Rates and water payments

We have an online payment system for making rates and water payments.

Please use the button below to begin this process. You will need your Property ID Number (from your rates instalment notice) and a VISA or MasterCard to pay online.

Service fees will not apply from 1 July 2023.

Make a rates and water payment

Internet payment made easy

To make your internet payment easy, you will need these details:

  • Your surname (the dog owner’s for a dog registration)
  • The relevant code for your payment
  • A relevant reference word
  • NPDC bank account number: 03-0713-0357528-08
Rates Property ID Rates
Water bill Property ID Water
Dog registration Owner ID Dog
Parking ticket Ticket number Parking
Applications (eg. LIM, building consent, licences) Invoice number Application
Other payments (eg. leases, venue hire, cemetery and cremation fees) Debtor number Debtor

If you are paying rates for more than one property or more than one type of account you will need to complete multiple transactions.

Internet payment made easy

Direct debit

You can pay us by direct debit weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly for the following:
annual or recurring charges (eg: leases)

Please complete the direct debit form and return it to us. 

Automatic payments

You can set up automatic payments through your bank for your rates. Please email us for a form with our bank details, or contact us to find out if there are other bills you can set up an automatic payment for. 

In person

You can come in and pay us at the:

You can also make payments in person at Westpac Bank, you will need to have our account number with you and details of what you are paying.


Person making a payment at NPDC


We no longer accept cheques for payment. If you are a regular cheque user, please contact us to make alternative arrangements.

You can also contact your bank for support.

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