Tono kia uru kauhanga

Corridor access requests

A corridor access request (CAR), formerly known as a street opening notice, is required by anyone who plans to dig in a street, footpath, road berm or "paper road" administered by us.

A permit is required for, but not limited to, the following activities:

  • any activity that will alter or cause to be altered the surface of any part of the road reserve, including but not limited to excavating, drilling, resurfacing
  • the placement of any pipe, duct, pole, cabinet or other structure below, on or above the road reserve
  • a new driveway.

Go to the beforeUdig website, log in and create an excavation request. This will automatically generate a CAR which will then be forwarded to us.

The national code for utilities access to the transport corridors code covers the requirements for working in and or occupation of roads within our local network. The document is available on the New Zealand Utilities Advisory Group (NZUAG) website .

A CAR must be submitted within five working days before a operator intends to start work for minor works or 15 working days for major works and project work.

Project - works that exceed 14 days from establishment to final reinstatement.
Major - works involving an excavation of greater than 1m2 and taking less than 14 days from establishment to final reinstatement.
Minor - domestic service connections and/or works of up to 1m2 that do not disrupt pedestrian or vehicular traffic. 
Retrospective  - notification of minor or emergency works that have taken place within the past seven days. 

CAR applications may require additional information before they can be approved, such as:

  • a traffic management plan
  • plan of the works
  • consultation with other parties
  • photos of the work site.