Wāhi Taonga me ngā wāhi whaipara

Wāhi Taonga and Archaeological Sites Review

Sites that are important to iwi/hapu and/or that have important archaeological values are identified and protected in the District Plan. A review of these sites is being undertaken to confirm the location of sites on the planning maps and to map extents where possible.

The information about sites in the District Plan was originally obtained from New Zealand Archaeological Association records and from iwi/hapu in the mid 1990s. Despite efforts to improve the accuracy of this data there have been on-going issues regarding the location and description of sites identified in the District Plan. Therefore a wider review of waahi tapu and archaeological sites was initiated in 2007.

Waahi Tapu Review Process

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Inaccurately located triangles on the planning maps have a significant effect on the day to day administration of the District Plan and can lead to inefficiencies. Also, as a result, there is an increased risk that some sites might be modified.