Reinforcing our City Core


Our city centre is currently too big and overstretched relative to the population of the city, making it difficult to create the concentration of people that would support a vibrant and thriving centre. It is recognised that we need to focus our energy on the heart of our city, our city core, for it to serve its purpose, allowing the east end to evolve towards a more residential focus neighbourhood.

The vision for this key move sees the city centre core recognised by residents, business and visitors alike as the hub of New Plymouth. Defined by Queen Street in the west and Liardet Street in the east, it is where the bustle of the city is alive and well – with a concentration of workers, retailers, hospitality and locals mixing alongside out-of-city visitors seeking out the latest arts, culture and recreation offer within the city.

The city core area is focused as a high-amenity public realm that encourages lingering and interaction. It has the highest footfall and share of office, retail and hospitality floor space in the city and pedestrian movement and public life are prioritised. It has local retail shopfronts that engage with the street, along with easy wayfinding for all ages and abilities.

New partnerships, independent review mechanisms and funding sources will ensure that high quality standards are achieved in every aspect of what makes the city centre core special.

Key components

  • A range of city core public realm amenity improvements recognising Māori significance and cultural history and including placemaking and wayfinding initiatives.
  • Refresh of Carparking Strategy and changes to the bus network as part of the Integrated Transport Plan.
  • Support for existing businesses and start-ups to consolidate activities in the city centre core. This could include bricks and mortar retail business support (e.g. shop front improvement or living over the shop grants) and online initiatives.
  • Attraction of a new anchor activity or institution into the core.
  • Introduction of a ‘toolbox’ of new partnership approaches, enabling policies, design quality review mechanisms and potential funding sources (e.g. a targeted rate). 


Projects and initiatives