These changes will improve the safety of drivers, pedestrians and cyclists along a particularly busy and narrow section of Devon Street West.

The project includes:

  • Building an on-road cycling connection between Belair Avenue and Bayly Road (which completes the Belt Road to Barret Road connection).
  • Building a shared pathway between Stuart Place and Bayly Road.
  • Improving side-street intersections with South Road/Devon Street West for pedestrian safety.
  • At Blagdon, relocating parking spaces from the north side of Devon Street West to South Road (near Squire Place).
  • Installing a central refuge islands for pedestrians crossing Devon Street West at the Blagdon shops.
  • Altering the main Blagdon intersection so that all traffic entering the Moturoa leg of South Road will use the slip lane.


Note: right and left turns out of Blagdon Road will remain, but Blagdon Road traffic will not be able to drive straight across the intersection (access will be via the slip lane).

Pedestrian and vehicle access to the Blagdon shops will be maintained during the construction period, although on-street car parking in front of the shops will be unavailable during some stages. (Car parking will be still be available behind the shops.)

Road closures

The following road closures will be required during the construction period:

  • Access from the Moturoa leg of South Road onto SH45 will be closed from 13 May to 1 June (weather permitting).
  • Access from Blagdon Road to SH45 will be closed from 3 June to 22 June (weather permitting).
  • From Monday 13 May to Saturday 8 June (weather permitting), access to Devon Street West will be closed from the Moturoa leg of South Road and from Blagdon Road. Alternative routes will be available and clearly signposted.