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Recycling and rubbish collection

Learn everything you need to know about recycling and rubbish from what can and can’t go into your bins to when they will be emptied.

Nationwide changes to kerbside recycling and rubbish collection

From 1 February, empty aerosol cans, tea bags and kitchen paper towels go in the landfill bin. Thank you for keeping these items out of our food scraps and recycling bins!

Our recycling and rubbish collection service operates on a fortnightly system for landfill, glass and mixed recyclables and a weekly pickup for food waste. 

Pick-up times on your collection day may vary. Bins must be out by 7am (or 6am if you are on the New Plymouth one-way system) to ensure they will be collected.

Only official NPDC bins will be emptied. Unauthorised receptacles, such as bags, boxes or stacked recyclables will not be collected. 

Please only use approved NPDC bin latches to keep your bin lid closed. Avoid placing objects on the top of your bin.

Maximum accepted weight of bins are: Food scraps – 10kg; Mixed recycling bin – 70kg; Glass crate 12kg; Landfill bin – 35kg.

Check your collection calendar, download the free NPDC Recycling and Rubbish app from the Apple App Store or Google Play or check our online bin collection schedule.

Bin information booklet

Rubbish and recycling schedule

NPDC Rubbish and Recycling App

Find out everything you need to know about our recycling and rubbish collection service.

  • Enter your address to find out what day your rubbish and recycling will be collected and set yourself a reminder.
  • Use our recycling search to see what can and can’t be recycled.

Download it for free on Google Play or the App Store:

Apple store  Google play

Recycling app screen
Free bin latches

Bin latches

You can pick up a free bin latch from any NPDC Service Centre to keep your mixed recycling or landfill bin securely closed. When the truck picks up your bin and tips it upside down the weight of what's inside will force the latch open. 

Make sure you have at least 2.3kg of waste in your bin otherwise it won’t be heavy enough to force the latch open. If you have less waste in your bin, don’t secure the latch when you put your bin out.  


Video: How to attach your bin latch

PDF: How to attach your bin latch

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