Whaiwhakaaro hoahoa

Design considerations

Urban design is the process of designing and shaping cities, towns and villages and their surrounding areas. Good urban design results in great places to live, work and play.

We are committed to promoting quality urban design and signed the New Zealand Urban Design Protocol produced by the Ministry for the Environment. This protocol aims to make New Zealand’s towns and cities more attractive and successful through quality urban design.

Design guidelines

We have a range of guidelines to assist with rural and urban developments. While they are not enforceable, we encourage you to consider the wider environmental aspect of development projects.

Central area

We have prepared a 30-year shared vision for New Plymouth’s central area, the Central Area Urban Design Framework, which drew on public feedback gathered in 2012 and 2013 on what residents liked and what they wanted to be improved in the city’s central area. The framework builds on the 1994 New Plymouth CBD Review Project and the 1998 Strategic Plan for the New Plymouth Central Area, taking these documents a step further by adopting a contemporary shared vision with key principles and objectives, and actions with measurable elements.

The framework will give greater confidence to landowners, developers and the Council about decision-making which should, in turn, lead to good urban design outcomes, including increased vibrancy, efficiency and accessibility in our central area.

Five key themes have been identified for the central area’s urban design:

  • strengthen the sense of place
  • create attractive central living
  • allow freedom of movement
  • generate lively public life
  • foster a viable market.


Ngāmotu New Plymouth City Centre Strategy

The City Centre Strategy sets the strategic direction for New Plymouth’s city centre over the next 30 years.

City Centre Strategy

Central area housing and building height reports

The central area housing and building height reports stem from the New Plymouth Central Area Urban Design Framework, addressing the liveability, competitiveness and vibrancy of the New Plymouth Central Area. The research reports have been produced for New Plymouth District Council to help shape the 2015 District Plan Review.