Whakaaetanga hangatanga e mau nei au?

Do I need a building consent?

If you are planning on demolishing, altering or undertaking the construction of a new building it is likely you will need a building consent.

All building work must comply with the building code and the New Plymouth District Plan. This ensures that all work undertaken during a build is safe, durable and doesn’t endanger the health and safety of the building’s occupants.

You must get a building consent before your work starts. Failure to do so may result in fines and can make it hard to insure or sell your building.

If a building consent is not required for building works you may wish to register your project with us anyway. Reasons for registering building work exempt under Schedule 1 include:

  • you can be certain that your proposed work falls within the scope of Schedule 1 (and a building consent is not required)
  • it is a means of providing a report on file for future reference and property enquiries. (This may be useful when you sell your house)
  • you may receive advice on how to comply with the Building Code.

Registration of building work exempt under Schedule 1

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Useful resources

Have a browse of these resources, they will help you prepare for the building consent process, from initial planning to signing off your project. Unless you are a regular applicant who is very familiar with the building rules and regulations we recommend you contact us for guidance on your project to prevent frustrating and possibly expensive delays further down the track.