Connecting our city to the coast


The vision is for the city centre to connect seamlessly to the water’s edge and conveniently link with neighbourhoods at its fringe. Buildings within the city centre will look out towards the city’s coastal aspect, engaging with the views.

More commuters, shoppers and school children will walk and cycle into the city centre from surrounding suburbs. Pedestrian priority at intersections will provide safe passage and enhanced street amenity with sightlines to the coast. Separate cycle lanes will cater for those travelling to the city by foot, bike and/or scooter.

Key components

  • Co-management of the coastal margin with Ngāti Te Whiti.

  • Lifting the State Highway 44 designation and redesigning Molesworth Street / St Aubyn Street as a boulevard  with safe and convenient access between the city centre and the coastal walkway.

  • Mixed use redevelopment of strategic sites along Molesworth/St Aubyn Street with new activities and quality buildings benefiting from and to the high value coastal edge.

  • Upgrade walking routes to connect between the city and coast, and to connect the city with neighbourhoods to the south.

  • Creation of pedestrian priority and enhanced strategic crossing points across State Highway 45.

Projects and initiatives