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Hearings and appeals

A hearing is a formal part of the resource consent submission process that gives the applicant, and all submitters who stated in their submission that they wished to be heard, the opportunity to formally present their views to the hearings committee.

They are usually held when there are issues raised by submitters that have not been resolved, or if the applicant does not agree with the resource consent conditions recommended by us. 

The first step is usually a pre-hearing meeting. In some cases a site visit might be undertaken before the meeting, if it is considered that it would help achieve a better understanding of the proposal. 

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Pre-hearing meetings


Hearings are heard by accredited independent Hearing Commissioners.  Commissioners are selected for their knowledge in the matter(s) to be considered.  Although the procedures for a hearing are more formal than a pre-hearing meeting, we will make the process as comfortable and non-threatening as possible for participants. 


You can appeal if you don't like the decision or some of the consent conditions.