Te riringi huarahi

Roadside spraying

NPDC uses spray as part of the maintenance of roadside grassy berms.

Why do we spray?

  • Vegetation root systems can cause damage to kerbs and streets, and affect road safety.
  • Vegetation growth can:
    • Block culverts, manholes and gutters, which can cause flooding.
    • Block drivers’ line of sight, creating traffic safety issues.
    • Cause premature rusting and rotting of guard rails.
  • Footpaths need to be clear for pedestrians some of whom are disabled and/or sight impaired.
  • Taranaki Regional Council requires the control of pest plants.

All chemical application is in accordance with the Regional Air Quality Plan under section 65 and the First Schedule to the Resource Management Act 1991, approved 28 June 2011 and in operation effective 25 July 2011.

NPDC appreciates the efforts of residents who maintain their own frontages so that little or no spraying is needed.