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National Policy Statement - Urban Development

Under the National Policy Statement 2020 (NPS-UD), the New Plymouth district is identified as a tier 2 urban environment. Both Taranaki Regional Council and the New Plymouth District Council have a statutory responsibility as tier 2 local authorities to prepare a Housing and Business Capacity Assessment (HBCA) for the New Plymouth district. As part of this requirement, the HBCA must quantify the development capacity to meet the expected demand for housing and business land over a 30-year period.

Both Councils are required to complete a HBCAs every three years. This mandated timeframe, offers a robust, thorough, and regularly updated foundation of evidence to guide and inform decisions related to development capacity, and planning for housing and business in the district. 

Read our current and historical HBCAs here:

Housing and Business Capacity Assessment 2024

Housing Capacity Assessment 2021

Housing and Business Capacity Assessment 2019


The NPS-UD also requires us to regularly monitor and update the HBCA data. We monitor the data on a quarterly basis and publish an annual report that details. Every tier 1, 2, and 3 local authority must monitor, quarterly, the following in relation to each urban environment in their region or district:

  1. The demand for dwellings
  2. The supply of dwellings
  3. Prices of, and rents for, dwellings
  4. Housing affordability
  5. The proportion of housing development capacity that has been realised:
      1. In previously urbanised areas (such as through infill housing or redevelopment); and
      2. In previously undeveloped (i.e. Greenfield) areas
  6. Available data on business land
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Annual Quarterly Reports

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