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Community concessional leases

The purpose of the community concessional lease is to recognise the value of a not for profit group or organisation occupying Council owned land and or property, through the award of a reduced lease fee.

Applications can be made by community groups currently occupying (and not yet subject to concessional lease) or are intending to occupy Council land. Assessment is made on a range of factors, including: type of use or activity, viability and stability of the group, the amount of financial investment the lessee intends to make, feasibility of any development (including the ability to fund ongoing operating costs, including funding of capital replacement) and the term of the lease.

All proposals must be consistent with policies and requirements set out in legislation and other council policies, including the Council’s General Policies for Council Administered Reserves 2006, Reserve Management Plans, and the Reserves Act 1977.


Concessional leases application form

Community funding application cover sheet


Fund details
Who can apply:
Community groups
Funding length:
Applied each year
Application process:
Application form
KPI's required:
Funding contract:
Payment type:
Reduced lease fee