Ngā rēti e moni taurewa me ngā utu tārewa

Rate credits and arrears

My rates are in credit, can I have a refund?

Yes, all applications for refunds must be on the refund form. Refunds are banked directly into your account on Fridays (if your request has been received by 5pm Tuesday). You can also use your refund to pay other accounts, e.g. dog registration. Contact us for more information.

Rates refund form


Rates arrears and penalties

Rates must be paid by the dates set, any amount not paid on time incurs a 10 per cent penalty. If a part payment is made, a 10 percent penalty will be added to the outstanding balance. 

If you are behind in your rate payments, contact us to find out how much you owe, to work out a payment plan to pay off your arrears or to discuss your reminder or arrears letter.  

Bi-annual penalties are added to any unpaid amount from the previous year's rates, i.e. a 10 percent penalty on the outstanding amount is incurred. The first charge is added on 1 October and is 10 per cent of the balance still outstanding on that date. The second is added on 1 April the following year and is also 10 per cent of the balance outstanding.

You may apply for a remission of penalties by letter, fax, email, telephone or using a penalty remission form.

Rates penalty remission form