We provide a range of services for situations involving animals in New Plymouth District. We are responsible for enforcing regulations for animal owners. Some of these services and regulations are outlined below.

For complete information on our role see the bylaws page. There is more information for dog owners in the dogs section

Keeping animals in urban areas

There are rules for keeping some types of animals in urban areas. The main regulations are outlined below. For more specific information and rules please see the Animal Bylaw.

Horse riding

Horses may be ridden in some areas, but riders need to be able to fully control their horses around people. In urban areas, horse owners are required to remove horse manure.

Riding horses

Removing bees and wasps

To remove unwanted bees or wasps on your property check the Yellow Pages for a registered beekeeper. Contact us to report bees and wasps on public property.


When to contact us

You should contact us in the following circumstances:

  • an animal is causing a problem. The types of problems that are considered an annoyance or nuisance include excessive noise, strong smells, dust or an accumulation of animal waste that attracts pests and/or insects. If the animal belongs to a neighbour, please discuss any concerns with them directly then contact us.
  • there is stock effluent on the road.
  • you are moving stock. You may also need to notify the Police and state highway contractor (MWH phone: 06 349 1139) if the stock will be on a state highway for any length of time.

How to contact us

You can contact us by phoning 06 759 6060 (24 hours a day 7 days a week) or through the online contact us form.

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