How are we solving the issue?

A modern approach to managing stormwater as towns and cities develop is to replicate nature where low-lying areas and streams are kept clear of development so the natural flow of flood water remains unimpeded. Roads are often purposely designed lower than the surrounding land to ensure floodwater can drain away without flowing into private land, and in some cases large pipes are also required. This network of natural floodplains, streams, roads and pipes form the backbone of a well-designed and functioning stormwater system.

Furthermore, this approach preserves the natural water bodies, enhancing the ecological and cultural health of the waterways.

Resolving flooding and stormwater issues in Waitara is no easy task. 

We currently have $20m of funding approved in our 10-Year Plan, which will go some way in starting to address the problem.

Three-pronged approach to stormwater management:

Managing floods from the Waitara River

Our projects will focus on flooding in the urban areas of Waitara by using the network of pipes and small streams.

Flood hazard management related to the Waitara River is carried out by the Taranaki Regional Council.