Pārongo mate uruta or Pārongo Kowheori-19

Covid-19 information

Information updated on 14 April 2022

Latest updates



  • We are now at Alert Level Orange in the Government’s Covid Protection Framework.
  • At orange there are no number limits for outdoor or indoor gatherings.
  • Face masks continue to be an important protection and are required for many indoor settings but not when outdoors.
  • Next to vaccination and being boosted, the Government says a face mask at orange is the best defence against Covid and can reduce new cases by around 50%.
  • It you or someone in your house gets Covid, you still have to self-isolate for seven days.
  • Keep up the healthy hygiene, for example one metre physical distance when in social situations and wash your hands often.
  • More information on the Orange Traffic Light setting.



  • Looking after our staff and customers comes first.
  • As always, we’ll be following the official Government advice, as we work to keep delivering services for our residents.
  • All NPDC facilities are open under the Government’s Orange Traffic Light Covid protection system while following the safety rules.
  • We’re having to juggle staff rosters and reduce opening hours at some facilities.
  • Due to Covid-related driver shortages, all glass collections are on hold until further notice.
  • Red-lid bins, Yellow-lid recycling and food scrap collections will continue as usual.
  • Urenui Library will be closed until further notice.
  • The Govett-Brewster Art Gallery is closed on Wednesdays.
  • We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience at this tough time.
  • We will resume face to face Council meetings, committee meetings and workshops/briefings in the Civic Centre from Tuesday 26 April.
  • For more information please call us at 06-759 6060 or email enquiries@npdc.govt.nz.



  • Vaccine passes: We removed vaccine passes at most of our facilities from Monday 28 March.
  • Vaccine mandates: The majority of the government imposed mandates were lifted on April 4th. Over recent weeks, we have consulted with all affected staff covered by our previous decision on mandated roles.
  • From Tuesday 19 April we will be removing the requirement for vaccine mandates for the majority of roles previously covered. We are retaining mandates for a small number of critical services and those staff are aware of this.



  • The system sets different rules for Green, Orange and Red levels:
    • Green – limited community cases and the health system is ready to respond.
    • Orange – cases are rising and the health system is under pressure.
    • Red – we need to protect at-risk people and prevent hospitals being overrun with cases.
  • Full details on the traffic light system are here on the Government’s Covid website.