Stormwater remediation works

About the project

The performance of the existing network is another factor to consider when analysing causes and solutions to flooding and stormwater incidents. NPDC is responsible for the regular maintenance of the stormwater network, including both preventive and corrective maintenance, to make sure that the network, although constrained, is working to the best of its capacity.

Due to the remarkable incidence of stormwater incidents and complaints registered in Waitara historically, and the structural handicaps that the network presents, NPDC is undertaking a three-year intensive programme of works to assess the condition of the stormwater assets and provide maintenance and repairs as required, to improve the performance of the existing network. 

These maintenance works are part of the operational activities of the Council (looking after what we have), while the projects described before are capital works (where upgrades or new assets are created).


Prioritisation of the works

Multiple criteria are analysed to create a priority list of assets for review, including age, material, size of the assets, and the spatial distribution of the recorded complaints and observed issues. We analyse the data, producing a criticality assessment that guides prioritisation of works. This leads to a list of assets to inspect (CCTV is usually used), and the outcomes of the inspections generate a list of remedial works.


This work will occur between 2021 and 2024. It is expected that, after that period of intensive work, and having fixed all major faults, the intensity of this work can be reduced and return to regular maintenance.


Funding sources

This work is funded by a mix of operational and renewals budget. This work is not funded from the Waitara Stormwater Programme budget.