Te Tai Pari tiakitanga

Te Tai Pari Board

The New Plymouth District Council (Waitara Lands) Act 2018 established the Te Tai Pari Board (previously the Te Tai Pari Trust). The purpose of the Board is to distribute the annual release from the Waitara Perpetual Community Fund for each financial year.

Applications for the 2024 funding round closed on 12 April 2024.

Funding projects must be based within the official Waitara boundary, which can be found in the Act.

Te Tai Pari Board Funding Policy

NPDC and Te Kōwhatu Tū Moana (TKTM) each select three board members and an alternate. Each member holds office for a term not exceeding three years.

The current members of Te Tai Pari Board are:

  • Darrel Nicholas - Chairperson (NPDC)
  • Moana Denness (TKTM Alternate)
  • Donna Eriwata (TKTM)
  • Mawhaturia White (TKTM)
  • Graham Armstrong (NPDC)
  • Marion James (NPDC)
  • Pat Bodger (TKTM)
  • Vacant (NPDC) - Alternate Member (please contact julie.straka@npdc.govt.nz if you are interested in applying.)


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