Road safety improvements – Blagdon area

Status: Closed

NPDC and Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency  want to improve the safety of road users along a busy section of Devon Street West and South Road (SH45), between Belair Avenue and Stuart Place.

This project will be fully funded by Waka Kotahi.

Devon/South/Blagdon intersection

This intersection has one of the worst crash histories in the district. We propose realigning it so that:

  • The slip-lane is removed.
  • The South Road intersection moves further to the west.
  • Right-turns into and out of Blagdon Road are removed.


Devon Street Blagdon intersection August 2022.

The proposal includes realigning the Devon/Blagdon/South intersection, and removing right-turns into and out of Blagdon Road.

Pedestrians and cyclists

A crossing point is planned on Devon Street outside the Blagdon shops, to improve pedestrians’ access and safety.

In addition, there’s a missing link in the cycling network between Belair Avenue and Stuart Place. The project would build on-road cycle lanes to fill this gap, which requires the removal of car parking spaces on the north side of Devon Street opposite the Blagdon Shops, and the removal of further car parks along the corridor.



Designs of proposed safety improvement

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