King's Birthday opening hours

12:00am 03 Jun 2024

Over the King's Birthday public holiday (Monday 3 June 2024) some of our facilities will be closed or have reduced hours.

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Te hīkoi kurī

Walking your dog

We welcome dogs in our district. There are some places where dogs are banned or where they must be on a leash, this is to maintain health and safety for our community and wildlife.

Check out the information and map below to find out where you cannot take your dog or where it will need to be leashed. If the place you are looking for is not listed that means you are free to walk your dog there any time. 

Happy dog walking!

Two women walking a dog

Dog walking map

This map will help you find out where you can take your dog and what sort of control it needs to be under so you can make the most of your walks! If no restrictions are stated then your dog may be walked off leash at any time.

Map key:

Red map icon. Prohibited  Yellow map icon. Leashed Control  Green map icon. Off leash and under control

Please click/tap on the icons on the map for more information.

Keep it clean!

Wherever you go, make sure to bring your pooper scooper and some bags. If you need help finding a bin to put your used bags in, just refer to our map above.

Dog control bylaw