Water Meters

Our goal: saving water

Part of NPDC’s water conservation programme includes adding water meters to all residential homes in New Plymouth District.

Our drinking water usage is high. On average we use 304 litres per person per day – which is significantly more water than we need. When we compare ourselves to other similar districts we see our residential water consumption is 60% higher.

Water meters encourage a responsible approach toward water use as they are transparent way for people to see how much drinking water they use and to help identify practical ways to save water. 

Reducing the demand for drinking water lessens the need for money to be spent on treatment plants, pipes and reservoirs, meaning that as the level of water conservation increases the cost in water infrastructure will be less.

Currently there is fixed charge, regardless of the amount of water you use, for your water supply which is paid through your rates bill (totalling $447.15 for 2023/24). With water meters you will pay for the amount of water you use.

Water conservation is the best thing we can do to significantly reduce the effect on the environment and to protect and enhance water sources cultural and community value.

New Plymouth water meter district-wide rollout

Our contractors are working in the following Water Supply Zones (WSZ). Please note installation dates are indicative and may vary due to weather or contractor delays.

Completed WSZ's: Fernleigh, Carrington and Urenui/Tikorangi, Brooklands, Highlands Park, Lower Highlands Park, Fitzroy Residential, Glen Avon - Some properties will be revisited in these areas.

Veale SW WSZ - from 28 Aug 2023 - 6 Mar 2024

Currently getting meter ready: Anne St, Barry St, Clyde St, Elizabeth Pl, Fernleigh St, Frankley Rd, Morgan Ln, Pike Pl, Ranfurly St, Roto St, Tukapa St, Waimea St, Wayne Pl,

Anne St, Anson Pl, Arundel Pl, Barry Ln, Barry St, Borrell Ave, Brois St, Bromley Pl, Carlton Tce, Cedar Pl, Chard St, Cherry Ln, Clyde St, Davies Rd, Elizabeth Pl, Elm Gr, Fernleigh St, Francis Douglas Dr, Frankley Rd, Holford Rd, Horne St, Julian Pl, La Salle Dr, Manukaka Hgts, Market Ln, Morgan Ln, Nursey Pl, Okoare Ln, Oliver O'Leary Way, Pembroke St, Pike Pl, Redwood Cres, Roto St, Tavistock St, The Enclave, Tor St, Trafalgar St, Tukapa St, Wallath Rd, Waimea St, Wayne Pl, Wilton St, Wrantage St.

Veale NW WSZ - from 02 Oct 2023 - 10 March 2024

Currently getting meter ready - Poplar Gr.

Adventure St, Alba St, Banks St, Blagdon Rd, Blackmore St, Borrell Ave, Botany Pl, Brierley Pl, Canon St, Carver Pl, Clerke Pl, Cook St, David St, Devon St West, Discovery Pl, Doone St, Endeavour St, Havelock Pl, Heaphy St, Grenville St, John Mana Way, Lemont Pl, Lombardy Pl, Lorna St, Lyn St, Lynmouth Hgts, Magnolia Dr, Marchant Pl, Marton Pl, Nash St, Oawai St, Omata Rd, Oranga St, Poplar Gr, Pukeori St, Resolution Pl, Ridd St, Sardinah Pl, Seaview Rd, South Rd, Sunley St, Tauton Pl, Truro Pl, Vancouver Pl, Wallath Rd, Walsh Rd, Ward Pl, Westwell Pl, Whakawhiti St, York Cres.

Barrett WSZ - from 04 Dec 2023 - 19 Apr 2024

Ash Pl, Aspen Pl, Barrett Rd, Beach Rd, Belair Ave, Blagdon Rd, Breakwater Rd, Bronte Pl, Buckland Pl, Byron Pl, Catherine Cres, Centennial Dr, Clearmont Cres, Cowling Rd, Crownhill S, Cyrus St, Daniels Way, Darwin Cres, Elder Gr, Eton Pl, Fantome Pl, Fern Ln, Findlay St, Frederick Pl, Freemason Ave, Garrett Dr, Hakirau St, Harbour St, Harriet Pl, Herekawa Dr. Hobert Dr, Honeyfield Dr, Hood Pl, Horizon Hgts, Kapu Gr, Karamea St, Kararaina Cl, Keats Pl, Kipling Dr, Kororako Gr, Lavendar Cl, Lyford Pl, Manadon St, Manakohi St, Mangaotuku Ln, Manuka Pl, Maple Cres, Marama Cres, Margaret Alice Cl, Maui Pl, Megaw Cl, Melrose St, Moturoa St, Mt View Pl, Naumai Pl, Ngamotu Rd, Norton Pl, Norwich Ave, Omata Rd, Ongarui Cl, Otaka St, Pararewa Dr, Paritutu Rd, Parris St, Peace Ave, Pioneer Rd, Pipitea Pl, omare Pl, Poplar Gr, Port View Cres, Rangitake Dr, Rawinia St, Regent Pl, Renown Pl, Rosendale Ave, Rospeath Cres, Ross Pl, Roto St, Rotokare Cres, Scott St, Settlers Cl, Severn Pl, Shaldon Cres, Simons St, Skinner St, South Rd, St Ives Gr, Tahurangi Pl, Tay St, Tiverton Cres, Tohora Pl, Tohu Pl, Totarahoe Ln, Tumai St, Virginia Pl, Weston St, Whalers Rs, Willow Pl.

Okato WSZ - from 04 Dec 2023 - 30 June 2024

Brophy St, Carthew St, Cumming St, Curtis St, Fox St, Gossling St, Hampton Rd, Hickford Pl, Kaihihi Road Lower, Kaihihi Road Upper, Leith Rd, Marhuru Ln, Mangatete Rd, Old South Rd, Oxford Rd, Perth Rd, Saunders Rd, South Road

What to expect:

  • The work will be completed over two visits from our contractors.
  • The contractors will knock on your door to let you know they will turn your water off.
  • Your water will be switched off for about an hour while the contractor prepares the installation, and again when the water meter is installed, for about 10 minutes.
  • When your water is turned back on you could experience air in the pipe or some residue when you first turn on your tap, this is normal and the tap should be left open for a short time until any air/residue subsides.
  • Any digging in the area will be backfilled and reinstated upon completion of the installation.
  • If your connection is meter ready and or has an existing water meter installed, it will be checked for suitability and modified if required.
  • If your water toby is inside your property it will be removed and a new toby will be installed outside of your property boundary at the new meter location.
  • If the connection to your property is on a right-of-way, we will undertake the required works pursuant to section 181(4) of the Local Government Act 2002. Once onsite our contractor will assess your situation to determine the best place and method to install the meter.
  • If you share a private water pipe with your neighbour(s), a single shared meter will be installed.
  • If you are not connected to the town water supply, a water meter will not be installed at your property.
  • If you are on a restricted flow (trickle feed), nothing changes with your supply or how you pay, but a meter will still be installed.

NPDC will undertake these works at no cost to you and in a manner that causes minimal disturbance.

To avoid doubt, nothing changes how you currently pay for your water supply. The exception is extraordinary supplies (like those with swimming pools) which are already required to pay by volume.

We will provide more detail at a later date about water billing.

Search for your property in the map below to view the current meter installation status.


The information on this dashboard shows indicative water meter installation updates. Please note this map is updated daily, not in real-time.

The terms and conditions of use of the NPDC GIS Viewer incorporate the terms and conditions of use of the NPDC website.

Shared water meter properties

Shared water meter properties are typically those that share a single point of connection.

These properties do not have a dedicated, single Council water point of connection. Instead, like other parts of the property (e.g. joint ownership of underlying land), the water point of connection is shared between neighbours. NPDC does not own, nor have legal access to, the pipes that connect each rateable property to the council’s water point of connection.

If you share a private water pipe with your neighbour(s), a single shared meter will be installed.


The current estimated leakages across New Plymouth District’s network are around five million litres per day (15%-20% of total production).

NPDC is investing $240m over 10 years to Fix the Plumbing, this includes finding and repairing leaks in council-owned assets such as pipes, valves and joints. Property owners are responsible for leaks on their own properties.

Bursts (large breaks) tend to be noticed relatively quickly as they often cause homes and businesses to lose pressure or go without water altogether; however, smaller leaks (cracks and loose fittings) can go unnoticed for long periods of time and could cause damage to your property. Water meters are a good tool to measure how much water is used around the home and help identify the presence of leaks that may not be obvious to the eye.

Report a leak

How to read your meter

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