Ngā rākau rongonui

Notable trees

Notable trees are trees of outstanding historical, botanical, landscape, amenity or cultural value in the district.

Notable Trees are identified and protected in the Operative District Plan 2005 and the Proposed District Plan – Appeals Version 2023. 

The Operative District Plan 2005 lists notable trees in Appendix 13 – Notable Trees. There are rules covering erection of structures, excavation and filling and outdoor storage within the drip line area of a notable tree; trimming and maintenance, or removal or destruction of a notable tree; and subdivision of an allotment containing a notable tree. 

The Proposed District Plan – Appeals Version 2023 lists notable trees in SCHED4 – Schedule of Notable Trees.  There are rules managing activities on and around notable trees such as trimming and maintenance, earthworks and root pruning, plus removal, partial removal or destruction. 

District Plan appendix 13 - notable trees and schedule