Parklands/Mangati roundabout

We are installing a permanent roundabout at the Parklands/Mangati intersection in Bell Block, which will require a nine-week road closure.

Residential development means the Bell Block intersection of Parklands Avenue and Mangati Road has a growing traffic volume as well as number of accidents/near misses.

NPDC wanted to improve the safety of road users so since April 2021, we have been trialling a temporary roundabout at the intersection. Feedback from Bell Block residents has been positive, noting an easier traffic flow through the Parklands/Mangati intersection with the trial roundabout in place.

As a result, we will be building a permanent roundabout at this intersection. The design will be similar to the roundabout at the New Plymouth intersection of Brooklands/Hori/Upjohn, which includes an apron to make it easier for heavy vehicles to move through the intersection.

We’re also building improved cycling facilities through the intersection.

Map showing pedestrian access during the construction period.

Map showing pedestrian access during the construction period

Detour route

Temporary road closure

For the safety of construction workers and road users, and to shorten the build-time, the Parklands/Mangati intersection will be closed for nine weeks, from Monday 22 May to Saturday 22 July. Work hours will be between 7am and 6pm from Monday to Friday, with some Saturday work likely.

Pedestrian access will continue throughout the construction period.

Please follow the traffic detour signs.