30 tau mahere kawe

30 year transport blueprint

NPDC is developing the Transport Blueprint to manage the district’s projected growth over the next 30 years and respond to global drivers such as climate change, pandemics and technological change. The Blueprint will be an integral part of achieving the Councils Vision for a sustainable, lifestyle capital. 

The Blueprint will evaluate different transport scenarios to test the resilience of New Plymouth’s transport system to handle future growth pressures and global challenges.  This will help NPDC and key stakeholders to plan and evaluate potential changes to our transport system that are required to ensure a more sustainable future.

A project team has been set up to oversee the process, with representatives from the Council, Waka Kotahi, Taranaki Regional Council and Te Ati Awa. The Blueprint is scheduled to take two years to complete.

Key Contacts: Stuart Knarston and Rui Leitao

traffic carpet