Activating our green links


The vision is for a green, scenic journey through the city from parks to coast and back again that reinforces the notion of New Plymouth as a city that embraces its natural environment. This green circuit connects some of New Plymouth’s key destinations, Māori and Pākehā settlement history, open spaces, vistas and botanical flair providing memorable ways to explore the city and its fringe.

The Pukekura and Pūkākā (Marsland Hill) Green Links traverses along Queen and Liardet streets, framing the traditional core of the city centre. It connects substantial open spaces with city streets, buildings and activities, providing a legible, but varied sequence of urban views and experiences from which to enjoy the city. The journey is designed from a primarily pedestrian perspective. Street trees and additional planting will assist with defining these Park to Coast links providing additional biodiversity, shade and amenity benefits that allow the city centre to leverage off its green assets.  

Key components

  • Greening of the north-south running Liardet, Queen and Robe Streets.
  • Improvement of the streetscape to encourage active modes (walking and cycling).
  • Bilingual signage and dual naming for key features and open spaces, reflecting the rich cultural landscape.
  • Upgrade intersections to prioritise pedestrian convenience and safety along north-south links.
  • Review bylaws and reserve management plans to safely permit cycling and skateboarding within parks and the city centre.
  • Showcasing the added amenity these green links provide to encourage private improvements and redevelopment on sites adjacent to and within proximity of these links (particularly in the precinct to the east of Liardet Street).

Projects and initiatives