Community Funding Investment Policy

Status: Closed

Feedback closes: 5pm on 6 April 2022

This policy defines how NPDC can offer grants and/or community concessional lease subsidies to communities, groups, individuals and organisations. This policy was last reviewed in 2016. It is now come up for review again with significant changes explained below. We welcome feedback from the community.


Two new grants

  • The Whanake grant aims to support community groups and organisations who deliver activities, programmes or services that contribute to identified outcomes and aspirations valued by whānau, hapū and iwi.
  • The Community Events Grant is to support grass-roots community events and vibrancy as well as the establishment of future annual events.


Introduction of funding caps

  • Funding caps for Community Services and Programmes Grants are now set at $30k per annum. Community Services and Programmes Grants can now be granted for up to three years (previously only annual grants).
  • Funding caps for Strategic Partnership Grants are now set at $50k per annum. Strategic Partnership Grants can now only be granted for up to three years (previously five years).


Removal of two grants

  • The Community Action and Neighbourhood Matching Grant has been removed due to no uptake.
  • The Quick Response and Emergency Fund Grant has been removed as it is not being utilised and the Agility Fund, partnered with the Charitable Sponsorship policies, are sufficient in this area.


Exclusions have been updated

  • Exclusions have been updated and community funding will no longer support sporting activities, individuals, any regifting of funding; and projects that are also funded from the Major Events Fund, LTP or AP.