Restoring the Huatoki


The vision for the Huatoki Stream sees it as a central feature in the identity and experience of the city centre. The ecological health of the Huatoki Stream is thriving, reflective of earlier years as an abundant habitat where mahinga kai (food gathering place) was practised with the ability to safely touch and interact with the water and banks.  The stream provides a seamless connection through the city centre and becomes a place that people appreciate and where they gather.  Adjoining spaces and buildings will be shaped in response to the stream.

Key components

  • Daylighting projects and natural restoration projects.
  • Safe, accessible new or upgraded paths along the awa for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Opportunities for mātauranga (Māori traditional knowledge) to be practiced.
  • A concept masterplan and a Cultural Framework for the Huatoki to guide future developments.
  • Consideration of interface of buildings with the awa, and opportunities for activation (such as food and beverage) to strengthen the Huatoki as a key community destination.
  • A Catchment Management Plan to understand the conditions and health of our awa (this will include the Mangaotuku Stream).

Projects and initiatives