Te Huanui Takutai

Coastal Walkway

The award-winning Coastal Walkway is a 13.2km path that forms an expansive sea-edge promenade stretching from Pioneer Park at Port Taranaki all the way to the eastern side of Bell Block Beach.

Distance: The Coastal Walkway is 13.2km from Port Taranaki to the eastern end side of Bell Block Beach.

Sections of the Walkway

Port to the Wind Wand: 3.4km
Wind Wand to Te Rewa Rewa Bridge:
Te Rewa Rewa Bridge to Tiromoana Cresent, Bell Block:

Grade: Easy. The walkway is paved, with some gentle slopes. It is excellent for walking, running, cycling, skateboarding, skating and scooting. Most people would be able to walk 4-6km/hr on the Coastal Walkway.

Access points: There are numerous access points along the Walkway with car parking available in several places. Use the Coastal Walkway map to find entrances to the walkway, available car parking and other facilities.

Coastal Walkway design and history