Waiari Stormwater Upgrades

About the project

The Waiari stream runs from South to North in East Waitara, with its headwaters south of SH3, in farmland.

The two main tributaries run through culverts under the highway and join downstream, forming the Waiari Stream. From there, the stream runs through urban areas, farmland and the Waitara Golf Course, until it reaches its outlet into the Waitara River.

The Waiari and Tangaroa catchments form the Waitara East catchment. Some interfaces between the two catchments make it advisable to undertake the Waiari, after the Tangaroa project.

The Waiari is an awa of great significance for tangata whenua. As per the NPDC Proposed District Plan, there are nine wāhi tapu sites within the Waiari catchment, one of them within the stream bed.

The Waiari catchment and the current stream alignment

The Waiari catchment and the current stream alignment, with sections of open channel in blue and piped sections in grey.

The Waiari project aims to resolve stormwater issues in the catchment, applying the Waitara Stormwater Programme approach.

Puke Ariki Collection. This paepae was found on the edge of a farm drain in Easter 1959, at Richmond Street, Waitara. Found at a depth of nearly 2m although a certain amount of post-European infilling had taken place in the area.

Digging sticks (ko) were also found near the paepae. For a more detailed description see publication 'Records of the Canterbury Museum Vol. VII No. IV.

Courtesy of Manukorihi hapū.

Issues in the Waiari catchment

Proposed upgrades and restoration work