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District Plan review

We have completed the review of our District Plan, and on 23 September 2019 we notified our Proposed District Plan.

Proposed district plan

Public notification of the proposed plan is followed by a formal consultation period where you can make submissions, have your views heard at a hearing and appeal any decisions to the environment court.

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Proposed district plan submissions and hearings

Background to the district plan review

The blueprint key directions were adopted in June 2015 providing significant direction for the district plan review.

Draft district plan (paper based)

In October 2016, we released a paper-based version of the draft district plan that proposed a new format with new objectives, policies and zones. It included rule summaries that gave a steer on specific standards that could be applied.

Draft digital district plan

The draft digital plan was released in February 2018. It included specific methods (zoning and rule responses). Developing a digital version of the district plan signalled a new era in plan-making for our district. Our aim is to make it easier for the public to find planning information, including property specific zones and the planning rules.

District plan review documents