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Plumbing and drainage

If there are stormwater, water and/or wastewater pipes near where you intend to do building work, please talk to us before you start.

Approval to build over pipes will not normally be given if it means that access to them becomes compromised. It is the property owner's responsibility to ensure that these service pipes are not built over.

Use the Council maps app to find out where the pipe and drains are on your property. You will need to double check pipe location by getting a copy of the as-built plumbing and drainage card. In some cases our records may not suffice and on-site investigations will need to be made.

A Project Information Memorandum (PIM) will also identify if there is any water, stormwater or wastewater system under your proposed building site. While a PIM is not compulsory, there are benefits to applying for a PIM early during the design stage as a PIM provides:

  • heritage status and identifies special features such as natural hazards
  • details of water, stormwater or wastewater utility systems which relate to your proposed building work or to your building site
  • network utility information such as vehicle access
  • applications/approvals that you may need before you can start the construction process, occupy the building or start commercial operations
  • a certificate detailing Resource Management Act requirements (where applicable)
  • a notice indicating whether a development contribution is required.

The PIM either confirms that you may carry out the building work, (subject to the requirements of the building consent and to all other necessary authorisations being obtained) or gives you notification that building work may not be undertaken.

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