Ngā taiapa


NPDC will contribute to the costs of erecting a common boundary fence on reserves or general council property (excludes roads as per the fencing Act 1978 - see below).

Our half share will be based upon actual costs and the current average industry rate (e.g. for post and rail fences the amount payable will be half the cost of the supplied written quote). 

You will need to organise the building of the fence and you must contact us before you start.

Application for boundary fence contribution

Why do I need to get NPDC's approval before building the fence?

The Fencing Act requires that claims are made before any work is done. Please do not start work until we have inspected the site and notified you of our decision regarding a contribution. If you have not obtained our agreement before you start your fence, we do not have to contribute towards the cost of the fence (Schedule 2 Fencing Act 1978).

Unless immediate work is required due to damage caused by a sudden accident, written approval must be obtained from us prior to works proceeding for us to  contribute.