In general, we will remove free of charge any graffiti than can be seen from a public space – such as a road, reserve, walkway or car park – regardless of whether the graffiti is on public or private property. Removing graffiti from your property quickly (within 24 to 48 hours) is the most effective deterrent of graffiti vandalism reoccurring.

Graffiti is a crime. If you see any graffiti contact the police on 06 759 5500 to report the crime and contact us to discuss its removal.

When you are reporting graffiti please include:

  • the exact location

  • what the graffiti is written on (e.g. wooden door, concrete wall etc)

  • what it is written in (e.g. spray paint, crayon etc)

  • what colour it is

  • if it is obscene or offensive

  • your name and phone number. 

Person standing with spray can looking at graffiti