Lepperton Road Safety Improvements

Status: Closed
Feedback closed: Friday 28 January 2022

NPDC and the Lepperton Residents Association have worked together to identify suitable solutions to issues around traffic speed and road users’ safety in Lepperton.

As a result, we are proposing the following improvements:

  • A pedestrian refuge with raised island set with local river stone
  • Parking restrictions adjacent to the pedestrian refuge
  • New wider footpath both sides of Manutahi Road


These changes will physically narrow the intersection acting to slowing traffic speeds through the intersection.


Further proposed measures to reduce traffic speeds through Lepperton include:

  • Planted kerb buildouts on Manutahi and Richmond roads. These are designed to slow traffic speeds and enhance the village aesthetic with plantings.
  • Wider footpaths at Whitcombe Street intersection opposite the store and school.
  • Traffic island at Whitcombe Street
  • 150mm rumble strips at the urban/rural boundary on Manutahi and Richmond roads.


Please send any feedback to enquiries@npdc.govt.nz by Friday 28 January.