King's Birthday opening hours

12:00am 03 Jun 2024

Over the King's Birthday public holiday (Monday 3 June 2024) some of our facilities will be closed or have reduced hours.

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Freedom camping

New Plymouth District is an awesome place to enjoy the great outdoors.

Our Freedom Camping Bylaw (2017) was designed to protect our natural environment and ensure sustainability. We allow self-contained and non-self-contained camping in different areas around the district. Please check out our map to ensure you are not in a banned or restricted area.

When you are visiting please:

  • park in parking areas
  • dispose of all waste and rubbish appropriately
  • be considerate of other users of the area, and your effect on them and the environment around you.

You may be asked to move by an enforcement officer if:

  • you are not parked legally
  • you are preventing others from undertaking legitimate activities in the area
  • you have stayed more than three nights (self-contained) or a single night (non-self-contained) in the same public place
  • you light any fires
  • you are not complying with the noise requirements as set out in the operative District Plan
  • camping would create a health hazard
  • the public place is required for another purpose
  • camping would obstruct pedestrian or vehicle traffic
  • the ground conditions are unsuitable for camping or camping will damage the area
  • camping is not allowed at that site.


Freedom campers who do not comply with the Freedom Camping Bylaw will be liable to a $400 fine.

Freedom camping map

Click on a spot on the map to find out where freedom camping is restricted or banned.

Banned areas - no freedom camping is allowed:

  • Back Beach bottom car park
  • Ōākura beachfront
  • Fitzroy Beach car park
  • East End Beach car park
  • Kawaroa Park
  • Waiwhakaiho River Mouth
  • Weld Road
  • Ahu Ahu Road
  • Corbett Park
  • Two areas at Tongaporutu
  • Battiscombe Terrace, with the exception of six marked spaces

Self-contained freedom camping

Self-contained freedom campers can stay a maximum of three nights in any 30-day period at any single location, excluding banned areas listed above. 

Self-contained camping means your vehicle shows a self containment certificate to show that you meet the NZS self containment of motor caravans and caravans standard

Non self-contained freedom camping

Non self-contained freedom campers may stay for a maximum of one night in a 30-day period at any of the restricted areas listed below, and must freedom camp in the marked spaces. The available spaces will be filled on a first come first served basis.

Restricted areas - areas where non self-contained freedom camping is allowed:

  • Lake Rotomanu, New Plymouth – four marked spaces for non self-contained freedom camping.
  • Battiscombe Terrace, Waitara – six marked spaces for freedom camping.


Camping in tents and other temporary structures on public land is banned in New Plymouth District.

If you want to stay in a tent you can find a range of fantastic camp sites on the Venture Taranaki website.

The CamperMate app has maps of campgrounds and accommodation as well as locations of dump stations, petrol stations, and much more. 

Places to visit in the New Plymouth District