Ōkato road safety improvements

NPDC has installed a safer speed limit of 30km/h on Carthew and Curtis streets to support safe access to Coastal Taranaki School. A follow-up traffic speed count has identified that some people are still driving too fast in this area, so we need to build additional infrastructure to support these safer speeds.

Status: Closed
Feedback closed: Friday 15 December

NPDC is proposing to:

  • Narrow the approach to Carthew Street at the roundabout, which would slow the speeds of vehicles as they enter Carthew Street.
  • Install speed cushions along both Carthew and Curtis streets, which would reduce speeds of private vehicles. Please note that  buses and trucks would be able to travel over them without experiencing a ‘bump’.
  • Narrow the intersection of Curtis Street and Oxford Road and install a crossing point. This would reduce corner- cutting at this intersection, slow speeds, and provide a safer crossing facility for the community.
  • Install a crossing point at Old South Road near the Oxford Road intersection to provide a safe crossing point across to Coastal Taranaki School.

View the proposed designs (PDF, 5MB)

Please send in your feedback to traffic@npdc.govt.nz or 06 759 6060 by 5pm on Friday 15 December 2023.