Tatauranga rawa a tuawhenua

Rural property numbering

All properties have to have an address. Rural property owners can choose to have a RAPID number.

Why do we use RAPID numbers?

A RAPID number helps emergency services and other operators find a property quickly, even if the RAPID number is not displayed. This is because the RAPID number corresponds to the distance from the start of road to the entranceway of your property. For example if your property is 0.9km along White Road on the right side of the road you will have the RAPID number 90 (.9 x 100) or if you live at 165 White Road it is 1.65km (1.65 x 100 = 165) along White Road on the left side.

How to get a RAPID number

NPDC can issue you with a RAPID number free of charge.

A Rural Property Number post.

To order a RAPID number, complete and submit an application form and attach a site plan of your property showing accurate measurements of boundary and entranceway locations. 


RAPID number application form