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Traffic counts

Information about traffic volumes assists with planning, prioritising network improvements and with road design. This data is also valuable in assessing road safety, as well as helping to identify how effective past improvements have been.

We do approximately 250 counts per year through-out the district. Our traffic counting programme is carried out based on road hierarchy and need:

  • Low volume local roads
  • Local roads are counted approximately every 5 years.
  • Collector roads* counted approximately every 3 years.
  • Unsealed roads are counted approximately every 10 years.
  • Primary or secondary arterial roads are counted approximately every 2 years.

New Plymouth district traffic counts (updated September 2019)

*Arterial roads are high volume roads like Tukapa Street and Carrington Street. Collector roads are key routes with lower traffic volumes like Seaview Road and Brooklands Road. Our road hierarchy is defined in our District Plan.

We don't count State Highways, these are done by NZTA and are available on their website or from the Traffic Counts website.

State Highway traffic volumes