Nau mai ki Haere Tātou!

Welcome to Let's Go!

Lace up your sneakers, clip on your bike helmet or grab your Bee Card.

We want to help you find active and sustainable ways of getting around. Let's Go!

Create a new healthy and sustainable habit starting with One Day a Week!

Riding, walking or catching a bus one day a week is easy to do for many of us and it does make a difference.

If you usually drive to and from work or school 5 days a week, changing this out to riding or walking one day a week reduces your weekday emissions by 20%!

Choose a day that’s the easiest for you to manage and give it a go.

Emissions Reduction Plan

Ride or walk your 20-minute trips

How far do you live from your work or school? 

It takes around 20 minutes to walk 2kms, or ride 5kms (of course that depends on hills, fitness and other factors).

If you do live within 20 minutes from your destination, there are some great benefits for your health and wellbeing by riding or walking 

Save on petrol, reduce your emissions, avoid being part of the traffic queues, and improve your health and wellbeing – ride or walk your trips under 20 minutes. 

About Let's Go

We are all about getting people to choose active and sustainable transport options. We identify opportunities for new infrastructure that will encourage people out of their cars - think Te Henui bridges, Coronation Avenue upgrade or bike parking. Next, we support these projects with education campaigns that support our community to make different choices. You’ll find us at local schools, workplaces and in the community making it easier to walk, ride and bus. We also hold events over the summer to encourage people to get out and give it a go as well as skills training programmes aimed at refreshing those getting back into riding or teaching those who are new to it.

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