Te tātari me te tapahi karaehe

Berm/Lawn mowing

Most people voluntarily mow the berm (lawn) outside their property to keep it clean, tidy and attractive. 

We mow the berms in these urban areas:

  • where long grass could create a traffic visibility problem
  • in high profile areas, e.g. entrances to towns
  • on high banks not accessible by hand mowers
  • where the grass is more than 150mm high. These berms are mown down to 50mm four times per year as publicised.
Lawnmower mowing grass

Note: We will advise you if your berm fits into one of the first three categories.


What are my options if I can’t mow my berm?

If you are unable to mow your berm you can employ a contractor to do it for you, at your cost. If you suffer from a permanent disability, you might be eligible for a disability allowance to help pay for mowing your lawns. Please contact WINZ for more information.


Lawn Care Tips From our Parks Team