Huatoki Corridor Masterplan

By embracing the natural asset and leveraging off spaces adjacent to it, the path of the Huatoki can act as a catalyst for vibrant and active spaces in the heart of Ngāmotu New Plymouth. The Huatoki corridor will provide for high quality and diverse experiences through the city centre, with a continuous sequence of public spaces from the coast to Vivian Street, extending further south with the Huatoki Walkway.

The Huatoki Corridor Masterplan will be the guiding concept document for the delivery programme and look-and-feel of the Huatoki corridor. A framework for surface materials, planting schemes and wayfinding features along the Huatoki will ensure the Huatoki corridor creates coherent and inclusive spaces for the community that provide opportunities to engage with the water, while enhancing the natural character of the stream.

The Huatoki Corridor Masterplan should be underpinned by a wider Huatoki catchment management plan to support the mauri of the stream's ecosystems along its whole length, and provide enough detail to enable independent future design development of four main project sites:

  • The Landing
  • Huatoki Plaza
  • Huatoki Daylighting
  • Sir Victor Davies Park

Impact compass

Huatoki Corridor Masterplan

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Two children in Huatoki Plaza

Working together

  • Ngāti Te Whiti
  • TAFT
  • Venture Taranaki
  • Puke Ariki
  • Adjacent Landowners
  • Adjacent businesses
  • Taranaki Regional Council

Next steps

Step 1

Complete Ngāmotu Māori Design Guidelines and a Cultural Landscape Framework for the Huatoki (led by Ngāti Te Whiti with support from NPDC).

Step 3 

Detail the design of each space within the Huatoki corridor to be further developed as interdependent projects.

Step 2

Prepare a conceptual masterplan for the Huatoki from the coast to Vivian Street, including materials and planting palettes.

Step 4

Implement the Huatoki projects in phases, aligning public and private developments where possible.

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