City Centre core amenity upgrades

A series of projects in our city centre core will support the changes we need to make Ngāmotu New Plymouth the vibrant city we want it to be. Streetscape upgrades will encourage people to walk and cycle into our city and spend more time in the streets and public spaces. It will in turn benefit local businesses and support a thriving economy.

Permanent and large-scale upgrades to our streets can take time to deliver and require targeted investment. It is important to encourage the use of temporary interventions (also known as tactical urbanism) to start implementing the changes at a smaller scale and start making steps towards our intended outcomes. This could include trialling temporary cycle lanes, or easing the process allowing businesses to extend their activities onto the footpath or over a carparking space. Overall, this is about creating the best experience for locals and visitors alike. Temporary interventions create the opportunities to test and trial together with the community what the solutions could be before moving on to permanent streetscape upgrades.

Impact compass

City centre core amenity upgrades

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Working together

  • Ngāti Te Whiti
  • WITT & other institutional anchors
  • Puke Ariki
  • Taranaki Regional Council
  • Adjacent business stakeholders
  • Landowners
  • Farmers& craft market stakeholders