Huatoki Plaza

The current Huatoki Plaza while well utilised as a pedestrian throughway, is not generally used as a place to linger and therefore it is not reaching its full potential as a quality civic space that encourages people to meet and recreate. While the roof structure provides some shelter and shade during poor weather and enables occasional markets and small events, the plaza below is sparse and inactive which doesn't encourage people to use it.

A space that is greener, activated with play and has permeable edges that allows access to the stream would create a vibrant and well used space that functions on multiple levels as a key piece of civic pride.

Determining how this green space should be developed through a series of tactical activations and trials will inform the final built outcome. This should be phased over a number of years and include tactical outlays such as:

  • Inclusion of play elements - bolt on elements that can be later included in other play spaces, pump track, half-court basketball court, table tennis tables etc.
  • Tactical greening including planted pots, astro turf etc.
  • Community-led and NPDC-supported activation approaches such as markets, music, artwork on blank walls etc.
  • Removal of the roof following earlier tactical interventions.

Impact compass

Huatoki Plaza

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Working together

  • Ngāti Te Whiti
  • Adjacent landowners
  • Adjacent businesses
  • Market coordinators
  • Regional sports trust
  • Performers and event organisers

Next steps

Step 1

Create a tactical programme based on encouraging activation and testing of an ultimate outcome. Aim to have the first intervention in place within first three months from strategy rollout during summer months.

Step 3 

Start a dialogue with adjacent landowners to create pathways for activating / perforating immediate edges in the long term. 

Step 2 

Ensure tactical activations are regularly changed to encourage return visits and enable better assessment of each intervention applied to the space. What worked, what didn't and why? How can that influence the final design of the plaza?

Step 4

Feed findings from the Huatoki Corridor Masterplan into the design of the plaza.