Repairs at iconic Coastal Walkway's Wind Wand pier

Local News

The Wind Wand pier on NPDC’s Coastal Walkway has been battered by wind and tides for coming up to 8,000 days and nights and is set to undergo its first major repairs to protect the steel from the elements.

The $80,000 project includes treating some of the reinforced steel and replacing some of the concrete that protects the steel from the waves, wind and rain.

The pier was built 20 years ago and was the first stage of work on the award-winning Coastal Walkway. The iconic Wind Wand was eventually placed on the pier, making it one of the most popular spots on the 12.7km walkway which is used by 41,000 people a month.

NPDC Group Manager Infrastructure and Assets David Langford says: “We live on a dramatic coastline with Mother Nature sometimes throwing big storms and seas at our District. This work will protect the steel from these elements. The walkway and the Huatoki underpass will both remain open while we carry out this work.”

The maintenance work is expected to take a couple of months to complete, depending on the weather and tides, and will be supervised by a chartered engineer to ensure the work is done to industry best practice.

Meanwhile, the popular East End Skate Park will be getting a minor makeover with repairs to the main skating area and the concrete ramp. The Taranaki Skateboarding Association has been kept up to speed with the repairs which will make the park safer. The work will cost about $10,000.